Speaking of Hubble...

About the Author

Tracy Vogel

Tracy Vogel is a writer and editor for the Space Telescope Science Institute, where she works on public outreach for the Hubble and Webb telescopes. She writes features for HubbleSite.org and Webbtelescope.org, coordinates social media, and answers questions for the public. She really wishes she could tell you what that light you saw in the sky last week was, but honestly, she wasn’t there so you’d be better off asking your local astronomy club. 

She spends her free time doing extraordinarily interesting things, way more interesting than you could believe, in fact she won’t even get into them because they would make you terribly jealous and that would be wrong. They probably involve international traveling, skydiving and some sort of animal wrangling, possibly of platypuses. Platypi? Or koalas.

Send her your Hubble or Webb questions here: http://hubblesite.org/about_us/contact_us