Deep Astronomy

  • January 5, 2014

    Streaming the 223rd AAS Meeting

    by Carol Christian

    At this year's AAS meeting, I have plans to step up our live-streaming game. If you want to see all streams that we're planning (schedule will follow) then bookmark this page and watch my Twitter feed for announcements.

    I want to emphasize that this is an experiment, so there will be lots of strangeness, and there are issues of copyright and privacy that I need to think about.  I'm primarily going to stream at the exhibit hall at our booth with a sign that says something like, 'This area is being streamed on the internet' to let people know this is going on and give them a chance to stay clear of the camera.

    Most of the science sessions are off limits too since the AAS considers them intellectual property, but we do have permission to stream a few events.

    For example, we have permission to live-stream the JWST Town Hall and JWST Science Sessions on Wednesday, along with any Hubble Science Sessions.  I'll post a schedule as soon as some things have been shored up and finalized.  Should be a lot of fun!

    So if you're interested in watching an experiment in public outreach in action, then bookmark this page and visit often.  If nothing live is going on at the time, then the last recorded stream will be shown. 

    Please give me feedback on what you think and offer any ideas and suggestion by commenting on the stream or sending me a tweet @DeepAstronomy.  This stream will also be available on our Facebook Page under the Ustream Live App.

    Live streaming video by Ustream