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    Episode 22: Celestial Fireworks

    In celebration of Hubble's 25th Anniversary, we not only released an eye-popping star cluster image, but took it into a new dimension with a spectacular visualization.

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    May the Fourth Be With You

    May 4th is Star Wars Day and a great excuse to discuss the celestial lightsabers of Herbig-Haro Object HH 24.

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    A Century Later, General Relativity Is Still Making Waves

    Einstein's general theory of relativity was proposed a century ago and has been confirmed in many ways. The existence of gravitational waves was the last major unverified prediction of general relativity, until now.


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    Episode 21: New Views of the Pillars of Creation

    Twenty years later, Hubble revisits the iconic pillars in the Eagle Nebula and reveals new details, new features, and new infrared views.

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    How Hubble 'Sees' Gravity

    Through gravitational lensing, one can see the effects of gravity in Hubble images.

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    My Favorite Martian (Movie)

    The new film "The Martian," by one of my favorite directors, doesn't dissapoint by both theatrical and scientific standards.

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    Revisiting a Legend

    Hubble kicked off its 25th anniversary year with two stunning new views of the pillars in the Eagle Nebula.

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    Twenty-Five Years of Hubble

    2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope, and we are celebrating the remarkable history, ground-breaking discoveries, and awesome imagery of perhaps the most important telescope ever.

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    The Marvel of Gravitational Lensing

    Gravitational lensing takes the common ideas of a glass lens and transforms them to cosmic proportions.


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    A Black Hole Visits Baltimore

    What happens when a massive distortion in space-time comes to Baltimore's Inner Harbor for a crab feast? OK, we haven't got that crab part, but we can show you the visual distortions due to gravitational lensing.

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    How deep can the Hubble Deep Field peer into the past?

    The most distant objects Hubble has seen are just over 13 billion light-years away.

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    Gravitational Lensing in Action

    The visual distortions of gravitational lensing can be demonstrated using scientific simulations.

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    Visual "Proof" of General Relativity

    Gravitational lensing provides unmistakable and visually striking evidence for Einstein's general theory of relativity.

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    Einstein's Crazy Idea

    Einstein's general relativity uses the strange notion of curved space to reinterpret gravity, and explains things that Newton's version of gravity can't.

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    The Naming of Comets

    In a playful explanantion of the ways comets are named, I've adapted T. S. Eliot's poem "The Naming of Cats" for my own celestial purposes.

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    Update on Comet ISON from Mars

    The first images of Comet ISON taken from Mars are in. While they aren't spectacular to look at, they are scientifically quite useful.

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    Martian Encounter

    While Comet ISON may or may not develop into a spectacular sight from Earth, it most certainly will provide some intriguing observations from Mars.

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    The Edge of Space

    The edge of interstellar space and the borderline of the solar system sound like the same thing, but they are widely separated boundaries.

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    A Most Curious Solar Eclipse

    Solar eclipses are, in general, really cool events. But when NASA captures a solar eclipse from Mars, that's in the realm of awesomely amazing.

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    Episode 20: A Horse of a Different Color

    For Hubble's 23rd anniversary, we released a gorgeous new view of the Horsehead Nebula using infrared light. This episode explores not only the scientific story behind the image, but also the process of creating a three-dimensional model and flight into the glowing gaseous landscape of the nebula.