Hubble's Universe Unfiltered

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    Episode 5: Through a Lens, Brightly

    Matter warps the space around it, according to Einstein. We use this effect to our advantage in cosmic observations, using "gravitational lenses" to view galaxies ordinarily beyond the reach of our telescopes.

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    Episode 4: Jupiter Gets the Measles

    Jupiter's Great Red Spot, a whirling storm on the gas giant planet's surface, has been one of the planet's most recognizable features for centuries. But look out — company is on the way.

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    Episode 3: Hubble Servicing Delayed

    In September 2008, Hubble was two weeks away from a servicing mission when an electrical problem shut down much of the telescope. Intense work and effort has resulted in a replacement part to fix the problem.

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    Episode 2: Hubble Falls Into Coma

    Take a safari through the Coma Cluster, one of the richest nearby galaxy collections. Thousands of galaxies are gathered together here, making it an ideal location to see the diversity of galaxies in the universe.

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    Episode 1: Interacting Galaxies Galore!

    Interacting galaxies, galaxies that collide and merge, or distort each other's shapes as they brush by, are among the most fascinating cosmic phenomena. Hubble images show interactions in full swing.