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Let the big-screen, multimedia exhibit ViewSpace transport you on an awe-inspiring exploration of the universe at a museum, planetarium, or science center near you. ViewSpace’s large display showcases the latest and most beautiful images of space and planet Earth, while movies and animations demonstrate phenomena on our home world and in the far reaches of the universe. Meditative and evocative music provides the soundtrack to your leisurely cosmic voyage as easy-to-understand captions guide you along, revealing the universe’s secrets and its infinite wonders. ViewSpace will inspire you to contemplate the universe and your place within it.

ViewSpace explores fascinating topics such as black holes, galaxies, the Sun, Mars, Saturn, our own planet, and planets around other stars. Updated regularly, ViewSpace also describes what astronomical sights are in your sky tonight and gives you the latest news from the Hubble Space Telescope, other space missions, and telescopes on Earth.  

Want a sample of what you can see in ViewSpace? Play the video above.  

Pursue a deeper understanding and appreciation for the universe and your own planet. Experience ViewSpace at a museum, planetarium, or science center near you.

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