A 16-by-20-inch photographic print of a spectacular Hubble image.
Photographic prints

Each month, play to win prizes!
Play to win prizes during Astronomy Week, April 19-24 -- Way Out!  A Cosmic Trivia Quiz Game for all ages

Way Out Screen Shot"WAY OUT!" an online astronomy trivia game, turns you into a tour guide for a moon-jumping, space-bound, accident-prone cow, who's trying to find her way out of the Milky Way galaxy. By answering multiple-choice questions on any of three difficulty levels, you advance Milky the Cow's journey through the cosmos in a series of scenes featuring images captured by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Winners who get at least eight out of 12 questions correct can submit their e-mail addresses for a monthly drawing to win a special edition Hubble print. Winners will be notified by e-mail.

So go ahead. Test your mettle. Rise to the challenge. Make your mooove. But be sure to read the rules first. We thank you. And our cow thanks you.

Rules and Restrictions

1. Players must get at least eight out of 12 quiz questions correct in order to participate in the prize drawing.

2. Players must submit a valid e-mail address to participate in the prize drawing.

3. Prize winners will be contacted by e-mail for their names and addresses for the prize shipment.

4. If the winner's e-mail is invalid, or we do not receive a response within seven days, we will choose another winner.

5. E-mail addresses are used solely for the quiz and will not be shared with or sold to third parties.

6. Multiple entries from the same e-mail address will be ignored.

7. Participants in the contest are not allowed to win more than once per year.

8. All prize winners will be selected from the same drawing, regardless of the quiz difficulty level.

9. HubbleSite can publish the first name, city, and state of winners in the United States, and first name, city and country of winners outside the United States. This information will be used only to announce the prize winners.

10. Space Telescope Science Institute employees, contractors, and their families are not eligible for prizes.

11. Address questions or comments to or the
Office of Public Outreach
Space Telescope Science Institute
3700 San Martin Drive
Baltimore, MD, 21218