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Compact Core of Galaxy M87 Gravitational Lens System SDSSJ0946+1006 (Double Einstein Ring) COSMOS Gravitational Lens 5921+0638 Gravitational Lens Candidates Infrared Light - Hubble Abell 901a Hubble Pinpoints Record-Breaking Explosion Abell 901b Gamma Ray Burst GRB 970228 Appears To Originate Outside Our Galaxy MACS J0416.1-2403 SDSS J0919+2720 A Fading Fireball From Gamma Ray Burst 990123 Host Galaxy of Gamma Ray Burst 971214 Einstein Ring Gravitational Lens (SDSS J125028.25+052349.0) SW Group Galaxy Cluster MS1054-0321 COSMOS Gravitational Lens 0018+3845 Einstein Ring Gravitational Lens (SDSS J163028.15+452036.2) Einstein Ring Gravitational Lens (SDSS J232120.93-093910.2) Fading Fireball From a Powerful Cosmic Explosion, Gamma Ray Burst 990123 Einstein Ring Gravitational Lens (SDSS J095629.77+510006.6) Einstein Ring Gravitational Lens (SDSS J140228.21+632133.5) MACS J1149.5+2223 Abell 2744 MACS J0717.5+3745 Hubble Frontier Field Abell 2744 Hubble Frontier Field Abell 2744-Parallel Galaxy Cluster 'El Gordo' with Mass Map Galaxy Cluster 'El Gordo' with Mass Map and X-ray 'El Gordo' (Hubble ACS/WFC) 'El Gordo' (Mass Map) 'El Gordo' (Chandra X-ray) GOODS Field Containing Distant Dwarf Galaxies Forming Stars at an Incredible Rate Galaxy Cluster SDSS J1531+3414 (Clean) Spiral Bridge of Young Stars in SDSS J1531+3414 Galaxy Cluster IRC 0218 (clean) IRC 0218 Lensing Feature IRC 0218 Lensing Feature Without Foreground Cluster Hubble Frontier Fields Image of Abell 2744 Abell 2744 Multiply-Lensed Background Galaxy at z=10 (Image A) Abell 2744 Multiply-Lensed Background Galaxy at z=10 (Image B) Abell 2744 Multiply-Lensed Background Galaxy at z=10 (Image C) Elliptical Galaxy M60 Dwarf Galaxy M60-UCD1 Himiko (Hubble View) Himiko (Hubble Close-up View) Himiko (Subaru, Hubble, and Spitzer Close-up View)

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