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Black Hole in Galaxy M87 Emits Jet of High-Speed Electrons Hubble Space Telescope Imaging of Hot Gas and Star Birth in M101 Spiral Galaxy NGC 4622 Spins "Backwards" R136: A Cluster of Massive Stars in Nebula 30 Doradus Galaxy M87 Jet – Unannotated Galaxy Cluster Abell 68 Hubble Interacting Galaxy NGC 5257 Rich Background of Galaxies Behind the Tadpole Galaxy Spiral Galaxy M81 Details 4 Young and Old Stars Found in Andromeda's Halo Galaxy NGC 4438 Merging Galaxies -- 6.2 Billion Light-Years from Earth "The Mice" (NGC 4676): Colliding Galaxies Stream Stars and Gas Extended Groth Strip Hubble Interacting Galaxy NGC 6240 Hubble ACS image of NGC 1275 Oxygen-Rich Supernova Remnant in the Large Magellanic Cloud Details of the Hubble Abell 370 Image HST PHAT Wide Image of M31 Stephan's Quintet Interacting Galaxies Group Arp 194 Hubble Interacting Galaxy NGC 7469 Starburst Galaxy M82 Ring Galaxy AM 0644-741 Hubble Interacting Galaxy ESO 286-19 Hubble Optical Image of Hercules A (3C 348) Hubble Interacting Galaxy NGC 6050 Galaxies Magnified by Galaxy Cluster Abell 1689's "Gravitational Lens" Gravitational Lens Detail in Abell 370 Virgo Cluster Galaxy NGC 4458 Section of M51 with Progenitor Star Hubble Interacting Galaxy ESO 239-2 Warped Edge-On Galaxy ESO 510-G13 Hubble X: A Glowing Gas Cloud in the Star-Forming Region of Galaxy NGC 6822 Blue Star Clusters and Distant Galaxies Near Edge of Galaxy NGC 3370 Supernova Remnant LMC N132D Markarian 817 Gaseous Bubble in Core of Galaxy NGC 3079 Spiral Gas Disk in Active Galaxy M87 Turbulent Cauldron of Starbirth in Galaxy Centaurus A, With Ground View (inset) Swarm of Glittering Stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud Globular Cluster Mayall II in the Neighboring Andromeda Galaxy (M31) Lensed Object MACS0647-JD Large-Field Hubble Image of Starburst Galaxy NGC 1569 Spiral Galaxy M81 Details 6 Galaxy Centaurus A Galaxy NGC 1427A Plunges Toward the Fornax Galaxy Cluster Hubble Interacting Galaxy ESO 69-6 Compact Core of Galaxy M87 Full Hubble ACS  View of Spiderweb Galaxy Field Fireworks of Star Formation Light Up Galaxy NGC 4214 Compact Core of Galaxy M32 Lensed Object MACS0647-JD2 Myriad of Stars in Spiral Galaxy NGC 300 NGC 7252: Spiral Disk and Globular Star Clusters at the Core of a Colliding Galaxy Young, Hot Stars in a Spiral Arm of the Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) Hubble Interacting Galaxy Arp 220 Hubble Interacting Galaxy AM 0500-620 Starburst Galaxy NGC 3310 Blazes With Star Formation Postcards from Andromeda: Andromeda Galaxy Halo Details Full Image of Galaxy NGC 1275 Star-Birth Party Almost Over in NGC 2976 Images of Spiral Galaxy M100 Before and After Hubble's First Servicing Mission Lensed Object MACS0647-JD3

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