Picture Album: Galaxies

Lensed Object MACS0647-JD3 Myriad of Stars in Spiral Galaxy NGC 300 Spiral Galaxy NGC 4319 and Quasar Markarian 205 Hubble Illuminates Cluster of Diverse Galaxies A Grazing Encounter Between Two Spiral Galaxies (NGC 2207 and IC2163) Supernova Bonanza in Nearby Galaxy NGC 1569 Hubble Interacting Galaxy NGC 6621 Hickson Compact Group 87: A Minuet of Four Galaxies Gravitationally Lensed Image of Distant Galaxy in Abell 68 Hubble Interacting Galaxy IC 4687 Pictures of Galaxy M100 with Hubble's Old and New Optics Spiral Galaxy M81 Details 3 Hubble Interacting Galaxy NGC 6786 Hubble Interacting Galaxy NGC 7674 Quasar Without Host Galaxy Compared with Normal Quasar Hubble Interacting Galaxy ESO 99-4 Hubble Interacting Galaxy NGC 6090 Dwarf Galaxy Holmberg IX Hubble Interacting Galaxy Arp 256 Elliptical Galaxy NGC 1316 Shows Aftermath of Cosmic Collision Hubble Interacting Galaxy NGC 454 Wide view of Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1512 Hubble Interacting Galaxy NGC 5256 Hubble Interacting Galaxy IC 883 Globular Clusters in Abell 1689 Edge-On Spiral Galaxy NGC 891 Antennae Galaxy Closeup (NGC 4038/4039 ) Star Clusters and Distant, Red Galaxies Near Edge of Galaxy NGC 3370 Virgo Cluster Galaxy NGC 4660 Hubble Interacting Galaxy NGC 3256 Freewheeling Galaxies Collide in a Blaze of Star Birth (NGC 1275) Virgo Cluster Galaxy IC 3506 HST PHAT Detail of M31 Merging Galaxies -- 5.3 Billion Light-Years from Earth Hubble Interacting Galaxy ESO 507-70 Postcards from Andromeda Edge-On Spiral Galaxy NGC 253: Behind a Dusty Veil Lies a Cradle of Star Birth Hubble Interacting Galaxy NGC 5754 Radio Galaxy 4C41.17 Background Galaxies in Leo IV Field Leo IV Stars Fireworks Show in Collision of Antennae Galaxies (NGC 4038/4039) Hubble Interacting Galaxy NGC 1614 Hubble Interacting Galaxy ESO 593-8 Hot Blue Stars Resemble a Blizzard of Snowflakes Near Core of Galaxy M32 Hubble Interacting Galaxy CGCG 436-030 Lenticular Galaxy in the Coma Cluster with Numerous Background  Galaxies, a Detail of a Larger Hubble Image Spiral Galaxy M81 Details 2 Hubble Sees a Galaxy Hit a Bull's-Eye Super Star Clusters in Dust-Enshrouded Galaxy M101 Composite Image: Hubble Data (Green Component) Elliptical Galaxy NGC 4881 Circinus Galaxy Spews Gas Into Space Star Cluster R136 in Nebula 30 Doradus Supernova 1994I in the Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) Stellar Fireworks Accompany Antennae Galaxy Collision A "Hubble Atlas" of Ancient Galaxies Spiral Galaxy M100 Star Cluster R136 in Nebula 30 Doradus Hubble Interacting Galaxy NGC 3690 Hubble Finds Mature Galaxy Masquerading as Toddler Hubble Interacting Galaxy UGC 9618 The Spiral Galaxy M100 Anatomy of a Black Hole's Surroundings Revealed: Major Study Includes Observations with NASA's Hubble Space Telescope

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