Picture Album: Nebulae: Planetary

The Helix Nebula: a Gaseous Envelope Expelled By a Dying Star The Cat's Eye Nebula: Dying Star Creates Fantasy-like Sculpture of Gas and Dust Hubble Reveals the Ring Nebula's True Shape Eighth Anniversary Image of Hubble's Smash Hits Bipolar Planetary Nebula PN Hb 12 Iridescent Glory of Nearby Helix Nebula The Ring Nebula (M57) Butterfly Emerges from Stellar Demise in Planetary Nebula NGC 6302 A Glowing Pool of Light: Planetary Nebula NGC 3132 A Cosmic Holiday Ornament, Hubble-Style Hubble Snaps a Splendid Planetary Nebula The Egg Nebula (CRL 2688) in Infrared Light The Cat's Eye Nebula The Colorful Demise of a Sun-like Star NGC 6302 The Eskimo Nebula (NGC 2392) Hubble Captures a Ring Dying Star HD 44179, the "Red Rectangle," Sculpts Rungs of Gas and Dust Hubble Servicing Mission 4 Early Release Observations Rainbow Image of the Egg Nebula Globular Cluster NGC 1846 Close-Up of M27, the Dumbbell Nebula Comet-like Filaments Along the Inner Rim of the Helix Nebula's Gas Ring Planetary Nebula MyCn18: An Hourglass Pattern Around a Dying Star An Old Star Gives Up the Ghost The Cat's Eye Nebula's Intricate Layers The Ant Nebula (Menzel 3): Fiery Lobes Protrude From Dying, Sun-like Star The Spirograph Nebula (IC 418) Helix Nebula As Seen By Hubble and the Cerro Toledo Inter-American Observatory A Cosmic Necklace Larger than a Solar System The Necklace Nebula Planetary Nebula NGC 6543: Gaseous Cocoon Around a Dying Star Close-Up of the Helix Nebula A Dying Star Shrouded by a Blanket of Hailstones Forms the Bug Nebula (NGC 6302) A Dying Star in Globular Cluster M15 The Glowing Eye of Planetary Nebula NGC 6751 Eye-Shaped Planetary Nebula NGC 6826 The Egg Nebula Gomez's Hamburger: A Sun-Like Star Near the End of Its Life The Center of the Southern Crab Nebula He2-104 Planetary Nebula NGC 2371 Planetary Nebulae -- A More Artistic Arrangement Comet-Like Knots Around a Dying Star in the Helix Nebula IC 4593 Planetary Nebula NGC 7009 Planetary Nebula K 4-55 The Retina Nebula: Dying Star IC 4406 Symbiotic Star in the Southern Crab Nebula (He2-104) Blows Bubbles into Space NGC 2346 Herbig Haro 32: Jets of Material Ejected From  a Young Star Close-Up of the Helix Nebula Close-Up of the Helix Nebula The Stingray Nebula: The Youngest Known Planetary Nebula (Hen-1357) Rotten Egg Nebula (OH231.8+4.2) Planetary Nebula NGC 7027 in Infrared and Visible Light Supersonic Exhaust from Nebula M2-9 NGC 5315 Planetary Nebula NGC 6210 Round Planetary Nebula IC 3568 NGC 5307 Central Star of Nebula NGC 2440: One of Hottest Known Stars Planetary Nebula NGC 7027: A Sun-Like Star Burning Out He 2-47 Butterfly Wing-Shaped Planetary Nebula NGC 2346

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