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Ground-Based View of Nova T Pyxidis Circumstellar Disk HD 61005 LRLL 54361 Light Echo — Hubble — Dec. 15, 2010 Haro 6-5B: A Disk of Dust Around a Star Dust Ring Around Star HR 4796A Offers New Clues Into Planet Formation Ring Around Supernova 1987A (SN1987A) - April 2, 1999 LRLL 54361 Light Echo — Hubble — Dec. 7, 2010 LRLL 54361 Light Echo — Hubble — Dec. 11, 2010 Location of Suspected Runaway Companion Star to Supernova Seen in 1572 Hubble/WFPC2 and ESO/2.2-m Composite Image of 30 Dor Runaway Star Circumstellar Debris Disk HD 139664 Fomalhaut b 2012 Ring Around Supernova 1987A (SN1987A) - February 6, 1998 Ring Around Supernova 1987A (SN1987A) - January 8, 1999 Ring Around Supernova 1987A (SN1987A) - December 7, 2001 Ring Around Supernova SN1987A - November 14, 2000 Supernova in M82 M82 Hubble Mosaic with 2014 Supernova HD 141943 HD 191089 Galaxy Cluster MACS J1720.2+3536 Supernova SCP/SN-L2, SN CL012Car, Caracalla (Before Outburst) Supernova SCP/SN-L2, SN CL012Car, Caracalla (After Outburst) Galaxy Cluster Abell 383 Supernova Tiberius (Before Outburst) Supernova Tiberius (After Outburst) Galaxy Cluster RXJ1532.9+3021 Supernova Didius (Before Outburst) Supernova Didius (After Outburst) Spiral Galaxy NGC 1309 2005-2006 Hubble Images of Progenitor System for Supernova 2012Z 2013 Hubble Image of Supernova 2012Z HST ACS Image of M81 HST WFC3 Image of Supernova 1993J Circumstellar Disk - HD 15115 Circumstellar Disk - HD 32297 Circumstellar Disk - HD 61005 Circumstellar Disk - HD 181327 Circumstellar Disk - MP Mus Proxima Centauri Cepheid Variable Star RS Puppis

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