Help: Removing HubbleSite Wallpaper (Windows Users Only)

If you have difficulty removing our wallpaper images from your Windows PC desktop, these instructions may help.

People often make a simple mistake when trying to set up wallpaper images. They make the image an "active desktop item" instead of a "background image."

Active desktop items, available only to users of Microsoft Internet Explorer web browsers, are designed to contain images and other elements that are automatically updated. Our wallpaper should not be used as an active desktop item.

A user sets the background image for a computer by right clicking on the image to bring up a menu box. The option for "Desktop Item" is listed just below the "Set as Background" option on the dialog box (see image) and is often mistakenly chosen.

If you have trouble removing our wallpaper from your desktop, you probably chose the active desktop option instead of the wallpaper option.

Use these step-by-step instructions to verify whether you are using the active desktop item option and disable it.

Step 1

Click your right mouse button on a spot on your desktop that is empty of icons. This will bring up a menu box. Choose the "Properties" option.

Step 2

In the Properties menu box, click on the Web tab. If you have inadvertently set the Active Desktop option, the "Show Web content on my Active Desktop" box will be checked. In addition, you'll see a checked box next to a URL that contains the words "" (see image). If you just want to remove the Hubble wallpaper, uncheck the box beside the URL by clicking on it. If you want to turn off active desktop entirely, uncheck the "Show Web content on my Active Desktop" box. Finally, click the "Okay" button.

If these instructions don't remove your wallpaper, please send us an e-mail and we will try to assist you further.