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To celebrate Hubble's 20th anniversary, HubbleSite collected messages from the public about the human side of the telescope's saga. Thousands of people took the time to share the ways Hubble had touched their lives. This project is now closed, but you can see a sampling of the messages received under "Message Snapshots." All messages that were sent are now stored in the Hubble archive alongside the full collection of the telescope's science data. Generations from now, researchers looking for Hubble's impact on society may use these messages to better understand how one telescope changed the face of astronomy.

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Privacy Policy

By participating in "Messages to Hubble," you give HubbleSite and NASA the right to use your message on our Web site and share it with the public. E-mail addresses will not be shared or stored.

More ways to leave your message:

  • Visit the "Messages to Hubble" Facebook page to post your message to your wall archive.
  • Use the hashtag #hst20 in your Twitter post to include your message
  • E-mails to will be placed in the archive.
  • Text the word "Hubble" to (59925) for instructions on sending your message to the archive.

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Commemorative 20th Anniversary Poster

Thanks for sharing the ways that Hubble has inspired you. Enjoy this printable poster celebrating Hubble's 20th Anniversary.