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Hubble's Control Center The Vault

Command and control for Hubble is done at the Space Telescope Operations Control Center at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. Here, ground controllers send commands and computer instructions to Hubble and monitor data from the observatory to check that it is functioning properly. This picture was taken in the Space Telescope Operations Control Center during Servicing Mission 3A.

Hubble Space Telescope operations are of two types: science operations and mission operations. The science operations, carried out at the Space Telescope Science Institute, plan and conduct the Hubble science program of observing celestial objects and gathering scientific data. Mission operations, conducted from the Space Telescope Operations Control Center, command and control Hubble to implement the observation schedule, and maintain the telescope's overall performance.

Science programs are integrated into day-to-day operations programs for Hubble. The Space Telescope Operations Control Center controls and monitors the execution of the programs on the spacecraft.



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