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Cluster and Nebula NGC 3603 The Vault

The Hubble Space Telescope captures in one single view the entire life cycle of stars. In the upper left of this picture of galactic nebula NGC 3603 is the evolved blue supergiant, called Sher 25. Like the famous 1987A supernova, a unique ring of glowing gas encircles it. The grayish-blue color of the ring and the blobs to the upper right and lower left of the star indicate the presence of chemically enriched material. Near the center, young, hot massive stars dominate the starburst cluster. Meanwhile, the dark clouds at the upper right, which are called Bok globules, probably are in the early stages of star formation. To the lower left of the cluster are two compact, tadpole-shaped emission clouds, which scientists believe may be evidence of protoplanetary disks, which eventually condense to form planets.


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