• November 21, 2013

    Great Comets from Humble Origins and Eyes on ISON

    by Carol Christian

    Earlier in November, Dr. Frank Summers of the Space Telescope Science Institute gave a public lecture on comets. Along with comets' origins, characteristics, orbits and types, Dr. Summers also gave an overview of Comet ISON and what we might expect as perihelion approaches. Below is the video of the lecture and as always, we have also provided annotations to various sections if you don't have time to watch the entire talk.


    Dr. Summers' slides are available for download from Space Telescope Science Institute.

    So there you have it. Hopefully you'll have a chance to watch at least some of this wonderful lecture given by Dr. Summers, and we hope you'll have clear, dark skies where you are that allow you to look up and see it for yourself.