• August 13, 2013

    Hubble Hangout: How To Get Comet ISON Hubble Data

    Did you know you have access to Hubble observations of Comet ISON? Join our host Tony Darnell and a bevy of astronomers at 4 p.m. EDT Aug. 14 for an online discussion of how to obtain and use Hubble data on the comet. A must-see Google Hangout for both new and experienced astrophotographers, as well as people curious to see how Hubble data becomes images.


    Ever wondered how to get images and original data from the Hubble Space Telescope yourself?  Here's your chance, we're holding a hangout to show you how you can access and download Hubble data of the Comet #ISON.

    Please join Tony Darnell, Alberto Conti  and Scott Lewis as they work with Zolt Levay, Max Mutchler and Bonnie Meinke to show you how to get data for the comet yourself!