• November 26, 2013

    ISON Links Roundup: Nov. 26, 2013

    ISON links everywhere! ISON links galore! It's an ISON linkstravaganza!

    ISON is almost at perihelion, its closest approach to the Sun, and everyone is wondering whether the comet will break up or survive. We'll know soon.

    • Universe Today has a piece on safely viewing ISON as it nears the Sun.
    • Have you seen this cool 3D model? If not, you really need to see it.
    • Comet ISON teams up with Comet Encke and Mercury in this view from the STEREO observatory. Click on the picture for an animation.
    • The Huffington Post has an animated sky chart that shows you where and when to look for ISON.
    • The Daily Mail has a nice collection of ISON images.
    • Do your miniature astronomers want to know more about comets? NASA Wavelength has a number of activities and resources on comets — enough to keep the kids busy while you're cooking Thanksgiving dinner.