• November 14, 2013

    BREAKING NEWS: ISON on the Move

    by Josh Sokol

    Breaking News

    According to online reports, Comet ISON may have brightened considerably over the last two days. If true, ISON is now at the cusp of naked-eye visibility.

    Like superheroes scanning over police frequencies, we at ISONblog keep our ears to the ground for signs of new ISON activity. In an "ISON Alert" email this morning, the University of Maryland's Mike Kelley shared this breaking news:

    "There are several reports of a dramatic increase in comet ISON's
    brightness this morning.  Total magnitude estimates, reported to the
    Yahoo Comets Mailing List, are around 6.5 to 6.0.
    Emmanuel Jehin (TRAPPIST) reports a factor of 8 increase in OH and
    Afrho (dust) in the last 24 hours.  He also reports that there is not
    yet an indication of disruption.
    A nice set of images by Juanjo Gonzalez can be found at .  Note the bottom two images
    are taken the 12th and 14th of November.

    Observations are clearly need [sic] to determine how long this trend
    persists, if any fragments appear, or [if] the nucleus disintegrates."

    Sky and Telescope is also on the story, with confirmation of the brightness increase from comet observer John Bortle. We'll update you once we hear more.