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A Spectacular Spiral
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Spiral Galaxy NGC 4414

Age of the Universe

Colliding Galaxies

Black Holes

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Spiral Galaxy NGC 4414 - General Information

HubbleSite Link Gallery image of spiral galaxy NGC 4414.

HubbleSite Link Background information on spiral galaxy NGC 4414.

External Link Play with galaxies-the building blocks of the universe-in Galaxies Galore.


Spiral Galaxy NGC 4414 - Press Release

HubbleSite Link Magnificent Details in a Dusty Spiral Galaxy (1999)


Age of the Universe - General Information

HubbleSite Link Using Cepheid variables to date the universe.


Age of the Universe - Press Releases

HubbleSite Link Hubble Completes Eight-Year Effort to Measure Expanding Universe (1999)

HubbleSite Link Hubble Space Telescope On Track for Measuring the Expansion Rate of the Universe (1996)


Colliding Galaxies - General Information

HubbleSite Link Gallery image of the Antennae galaxies.

HubbleSite Link Colliding galaxies explained.

External Link A spectacular image of a collision between galaxies NGC 2207 and IC2163.


Colliding Galaxies - Press Releases

HubbleSite Link A Bird's Eye View of a Galaxy Collision (2000)

HubbleSite Link Hubble Provides Multiple Views of How to Feed a Black Hole (1998)

HubbleSite Link Hubble Reveals Stellar Fireworks Accompanying Galaxy Collisions (1997)

HubbleSite Link Hubble Views a Starry Ring World Born in a Head-On Collision (1995)


Black Holes - General Information

HubbleSite Link What is the signature of a black hole?

HubbleSite Link Astronomers find proof of a black hole's existence.

External Link Fall into one of the eeriest celestial phenomena in The Truth About Black Holes.


Black Holes - Press Releases

HubbleSite Link A Cosmic Searchlight (2000)

HubbleSite Link Hubble Records a Black Hole's Signature (1997)

HubbleSite Link Hubble Confirms Existence of a Massive Black Hole at Heart of Active Galaxy (1994)


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