Celera Genomics' Third-floor Sequencing Laboratory

Celera Genomics' Third-floor Sequencing Laboratory

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News release ID: STScI-2001-36
Release Date: Oct 23, 2001
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A laboratory technician processes bioinformatics data in Celera Genomics' third-floor sequencing room. The Celera Genomics Group is a definitive source of genomic and related medical information that provides the genetic blueprint information on many organisms to other researchers in the biomedical world. Similar to large astronomical databases, the database of information to house genetic code is quite immense and requires careful handling due to the vast amount of content. Celera is licensing STScI's Operational Pipeline Unified Systems (OPUS) software package to assist in the processing and storage of data from their genomics projects. This is a great example of how engineering work in the space program can be shared, and have a practical benefit to diverse enterprises such as biological research, medicine, and industry.

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Credit: Celera Genomics, Rockville, MD