SuperCOSMOS H-alpha Survey (SHS) Image of Vela Supernova Remnant

SuperCOSMOS H-alpha Survey (SHS) Image of Vela Supernova Remnant

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Fast Facts
News release ID: STScI-2003-16
Release Date: Jun 5, 2003
Image Use: Copyright
About this image

The H-alpha survey was undertaken by the Anglo-Australian Observatory on behalf of the UK and Australian communities and had been scanned and put on line under the auspices of the Wide Field Astronomy unit. The Vela mosaic has been put together from this data by Mike Read and Quentin Parker. This image has been labled with several features and shows the location of Pencil Nebula image by David Malin.

Annotated Observations, Emission Nebulas, Nebulas, Supernova Remnants


Photo: Royal Observatory, Edinburgh

Copyright Information: Use of this image is courtesy of the UK Schmidt Telescope (copyright in which is owned by the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council of the UK and the Anglo-Australian Telescope Board) and the H-alpha Sky Survey as created by the SuperCOSMOS measuring machine and is reproduced here with permission from the Royal Observatory Edinburgh.