Ground-based Image of Mars, December 2007

Ground-based Image of Mars, December 2007

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News release ID: STScI-2007-45
Release Date: Dec 18, 2007
Image Use: Copyright
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Mars as seen in the night sky on December 8, 2007. Image was taken in southern Alberta, Canada (latitude of 51° N) by astrophotographer Alan Dyer. Mars, located in the constellation Gemini, is rising along the eastern horizon. Above it, portions of the winter Milky Way are visible, along with the constellation Orion at the far right. Mars appears ruddy red, while the Orion Nebula, located under the belt stars and along the sword of Orion appears pink. This image was taken with a Canon 16-35mm lens at f/2.8 and 16mm setting. ISO 800 for 90 second tracked exposure with Canon 20Da camera.

Mars, Photographs, Planets, Solar System


NASA, ESA, and A. Dyer