SN 1006 Supernova Remnant Expansion Comparison

SN 1006 Supernova Remnant Expansion Comparison

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News release ID: STScI-2008-22
Release Date: Jul 1, 2008
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Comparison of visible hydrogen emission in the NW filament of SN 1006 in data taken at the CTIO 0.9m telescope (H-alpha, continuum-subtracted; Winkler, et al.) in 1998 (shown in green), and the Hubble ACS data (Raymond et. al) in 2006 (shown in red). The stellar background is from WFPC2 broadband B, V, and I data from 2008 (Hubble Heritage Team).

Hubble Heritage, Hubble Telescope, Infographics, Nebulae, Observations, Supernova Remnants


Illustration Credit: NASA, ESA, and L. Frattare (STScI);
Science Credit: Hubble data: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA); CTIO data: Winkler/CTIO/NOAO/AURA