Comet Fragment Slams into Jupiter

Comet Fragment Slams into Jupiter

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News release ID: STScI-1995-15
Release Date: Mar 4, 1995
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This mosaic of WFPC-2 images shows the evolution of the G impact site on Jupiter. The images from lower right to upper left show: the impact plume at 07/18/94 07:38 UT (about 5 minutes after the impact); the fresh impact site at 07/18/94 at 09:19 UT (1.5 hours after impact); the impact site after evolution by the winds of Jupiter (left), along with the L impact (right), taken on 07/21/94 at 06:22 UT (3 days after the G impact and 1.3 days after the L impact); and further evolution of the G and L sites due to winds and an additional impact (S) in the G vicinity, taken on 07/23/94 at 08:08 UT (5 days after the G impact).

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Credit: R. Evans, J. Trauger, H. Hammel and the HST Comet Science Team and NASA.