HST WFC3 Image of Supernova 1993J

HST WFC3 Image of Supernova 1993J

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Fast Facts
News release ID: STScI-2014-38
Release Date: Sep 9, 2014
Image Use: Copyright

Galaxies, Observations, Spiral Galaxies, Stars, Supernovae


NASA, ESA, and O. Fox (University of California, Berkeley), A. Bostroem (STScI), S. Van Dyk (Caltech), A. Filippenko (University of California, Berkeley), C. Fransson (Stockholm University), T. Matheson (NOAO), S. Cenko (University of California, Berkeley, and NASA/GSFC), P. Chandra (National Center for Radio Astrophysics/Pune University, India), V. Dwarkadas (University of Chicago), W. Li and A. Parker (University of California, Berkeley), and N. Smith (Steward Observatory)