Wide Field Image of Galaxy Cluster SDSS J1110+6459

Wide Field Image of Galaxy Cluster SDSS J1110+6459

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Fast Facts
News release ID: STScI-2017-27
Release Date: Jul 6, 2017
Image Use: Copyright
About this image

The galaxy cluster shown here, SDSS J1110+6459, was discovered as part of the Sloan Giant Arcs Survey. It is located about 6 billion light-years from Earth (redshift of z=0.659) and contains hundreds of galaxies. At left, a distinctive blue arc is actually composed of three separate images of a more distant background galaxy called SGAS J111020.0+645950.8. The background galaxy has been magnified, distorted, and multiply imaged by the gravity of the galaxy cluster in a process known as gravitational lensing.

Distant Galaxies, Galaxy Clusters, Gravitational Lensing, Observations


NASA, ESA, and T. Johnson (University of Michigan)