Rotten Egg Nebula (OH231.8+4.2)

Rotten Egg Nebula (OH231.8+4.2)

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News release ID: STScI-1999-39
Release Date: Oct 19, 1999
Image Use: Copyright
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Color composite Red: K (F205W), Green: Pa-a (F187N+F190N), Blue: H (F160W)

Hubble Telescope, Nebulae, Observations, Planetary Nebulae


Credit: NASA, ESA, William B. Latter (SIRTF Science Center/California Institute of Technology), John H. Bieging (University of Arizona), Casey Meakin (University of Arizona), A.G.G.M. Tielens (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute), Aditya Dayal (IPAC/NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Joseph L. Hora (Center for Astrophysics), and Douglas M. Kelly (University of Arizona).