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Comparison of a WFPC2 Thermal Vacuum Globular Cluster-Mask Image to Wfpc1
Release date: Jun 17, 1993 12:00 AM (EDT)

After NASA Hubble Space Telescope's refurbishment to correct spherical aberration, its resolution for imaging stars is expected to increase by a factor of 10-15 over ground-based, and a factor of 2-3 over the pre-reburbished Hubble. The expected improvement in resolution is demonstrated by comparing a Hubble WFPC2 Thermal Vacuum globular cluster-mask (right panel) to a simulated view of the same globular cluster as viewed with Hubble's WFPC1 (left panel).

Release ID: STScI-1993-10
Release image
Hubble Images of Star Cluster Before and After Astronauts Fixed Hubble's Flaw

Credits: Dr. J. Jeff Hester of Arizona State University, and the Wide Field Planetary Camera-2 Instrument Definition Team (P.1.: Dr. John Trauger at JPL), and was sponsored by NASA/GSFC.