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January 13, 1992 12:00 AM (EST)

News Release Number: STScI-1992-03

NASA Hubble Space Telescope "Snapshots" Probe the Early Universe


Image: Quasar 1208+101 (Gravitational Lens Candidate)

Quasar 1208+101 (Gravitational Lens Candidate)STScI-PRC1992-03

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An image of the gravitational lens candidate taken with NASA's Hubble Space Telescope's Wide Field and Planetary Camera (WF/PC) in PC mode, on 23 December 1991. The HST picture shows that the quasar actually consists of two images. HST observations to be made this winter will show whether this is a gravitational lens or a chance superposition of a star in our own galaxy and a quasar. The bar in the lower left represents one arc second (the diameter of a penny seen at about two miles) which is the typical resolution of ground-based telescopes.

This image is being presented on Monday, January 13th at the 179th meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Atlanta, Georgia.

Object Name: Quasar 1208+101

Image Type: Astronomical/Illustration

Investigators: John Bachall (IAS Princeton), Dan Maoz (IAS, Princeton), Donald Schneider (IAS, Princeton) Brian Yanny (IAS, Princeton), Rodger Doxsey (STScI) Neta Bahcall (Princeton), Qfer Lahav (Cambridge, England).

Credit: J. Bahcall/NASA


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