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November 8, 1994 12:00 AM (EST)

News Release Number: STScI-1994-55

UA Scientist & Team Discover Surface Features Cover Titan


Image: Surface Features Cover Saturn's Moon, Titan

Surface Features Cover Saturn's Moon, TitanSTScI-PF1994-55

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Four global projections of the HST Titan data, separated in longitude by 90 degrees. Upper left: hemisphere facing Saturn. Upper right: leading hemisphere (brightest region). Lower left: the hemisphere which never faces Saturn. Lower right: trailing hemisphere. Not that these assignments assume that the rotation is synchronous. The imaging team says its data strongly support this assumption — a longer time baseline is needed for proof. The surface near the poles is never visible to an observer in Titan's equatorial plane because of the large optical path.

Object Name: Titan

Image Type: Astronomical

Credit: University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory; STScI