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April 16, 1999 12:00 AM (EDT)

News Release Number: STScI-1999-14

Hubble Shoots the Moon


Image: Crater Copernicus on Earth's Moon

Crater Copernicus on Earth's MoonSTScI-PRC1999-14a

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Hubble Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2 mosaic of crater Copernicus. Hubble's crisp bird's-eye view clearly shows the ray pattern of bright dust ejected out of the crater over 1 billion years ago. Hubble can resolve features as small as 600 feet across in the terraced walls of the crater, and the hummock-like blanket of material blasted out by the meteor impact.

Object Name: Moon

Image Type: Astronomical

Credit: John Caldwell (York University, Ontario), Alex Storrs (STScI), and NASA


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Montage Image: Hubble Shoots the Moon Image Type: Astronomical Hubble Shoots the MoonPRC1999-14 Close-Up of Crater Copernicus on Earth's Moon Image Type: Astronomical Close-Up of Crater Copernicus on Earth's MoonPRC1999-14b Moon Image Type: Astronomical Moon

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