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May 13, 1999 12:00 AM (EDT)

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Natural Lenses in Space Stretch Hubble's View of the Universe


Image: HST 01247+0352

HST 01247+0352STScI-PRC1999-18b

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HST 01247+0352 is another pair of bluer lensed source images around the red spherical elliptical lensing galaxy. Two much fainter images can be seen near the detection limit which might make this a quadruple system.

Object Name: HST 01247+0352

Image Type: Astronomical

Credit: Kavan Ratnatunga (Carnegie Mellon Univ.) and NASA


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Montage Image: Hubble's Top Ten Gravitational Lenses Image Type: Astronomical Hubble's Top Ten Gravitational LensesPRC1999-18 HST 01248+0351 Image Type: Astronomical HST 01248+0351PRC1999-18a HST 15433+5352 Image Type: Astronomical HST 15433+5352PRC1999-18c HST 16302+8230 Image Type: Astronomical HST 16302+8230PRC1999-18d HST 14176+5226 Image Type: Astronomical HST 14176+5226PRC1999-18e HST 12531-2914 Image Type: Astronomical HST 12531-2914PRC1999-18f HST 14164+5215 Image Type: Astronomical HST 14164+5215PRC1999-18g HST 16309+8230 Image Type: Astronomical HST 16309+8230PRC1999-18h HST 12368+6212 Image Type: Astronomical HST 12368+6212PRC1999-18i HST 18078+4600 Image Type: Astronomical HST 18078+4600PRC1999-18j

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