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May 19, 1999 12:00 AM (EDT)

News Release Number: STScI-1999-22

Colossal Cyclone Swirls near Martian North Pole


Image: Martian Cyclone, Seen From the North Polar Region

Martian Cyclone, Seen From the North Polar RegionSTScI-PRC1999-22b

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This is a color polar view of the north polar region, showing the location of the storm relative to the classical bright and dark features in this area. The color composite data (410, 502, and 673 nm) indicate that the storm is fairly dust-free and therefore likely composed mostly of water ice clouds. The bright surface region beneath the eye of the storm can be seen clearly. This map covers the region north of 45 degrees latitude and is oriented with 0 degrees longitude at the bottom.

Object Name: Mars

Image Type: Astronomical


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Montage Image: Colossal Polar Cyclone on Mars Image Type: Astronomical Colossal Polar Cyclone on MarsPRC1999-22 Mars Image Type: Astronomical MarsPRC1999-22a Mars Image Type: Astronomical MarsPRC1999-22c

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