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May 17, 2001 02:00 PM (EDT)

News Release Number: STScI-2001-14

Astronomers Puzzled over Comet LINEAR's Missing Pieces

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About this Object 
Object Name: Comet LINEAR; C/1999 S4;
(LINEARLincoln Laboratory Near-Earth Asteroid Research)
Object Description: Comet
Distance : The comet's distance to the Sun at closest approach was 71 million miles (114 million km).
About the Data 
Instrument: WFPC2; STIS
Exposure Dates: July & August 2000
Exposure Time: ~ 2 hours

WFPC2: F675W (R); STIS: F28X50LP

Principal Astronomers:

Comet LINEAR investigation team: H. Weaver and P. Feldman (JHU), M. A'Hearn (Univ. of Maryland), C. Arpigny (Liege Univ.), J. Bauer (Univ. of Hawaii), M. Combi (Univ. of Michigan), J. Davies (Joint Astronomy Centre), M. Festou (Observatoire Midi-Pyrenees), M. Keesey (JPL), P. Lamy (Laboratoire d'Astronomie Spatiale), C. Lisse (STScI), B. Marsden (SAO), K. Meech (Univ. of Hawaii), Z. Sekanina (JPL) , I. Toth (Konkoly Observatory) , G.-P. Tozzi (Arcetri Observatory), D. Yeomans (JPL).