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November 11, 2004 09:00 AM (EST)

News Release Number: STScI-2004-31

Hubble Tracks Asteroid's Sky Trek

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About the Object
Object Name: Asteroid Trail in Sagittarius Dwarf Irregular Galaxy (SagDIG, ESO 594-4)
Object Description: Serendipitous Asteroid Trail in Field
Position of Galaxy (J2000): R.A. 19h 29m 59s
Dec. -17° 40' 00"
Constellation: Sagittarius
Distance to Galaxy: 3.5 million light-years (1.1 Megaparsecs)
Distance to Asteroid: 169 million miles (1.82 Astronomical Units)
Dimensions: This image is 1.5 arcminutes wide. At the distance to the galaxy, this represents a physical dimension of 1,500 light-years (470 parsecs). At the distance of the asteroid, this represents a physical dimension of 72,000 miles (116,000 kilometers).
About the Data
Data Description: The Hubble image was created from HST data from proposal 9820: Y. Momany and L. Bedin (Univ. of Padua), E. Held (Astr. Obs. of Padua), K. Kuijken (Univ. of Leiden), R. Rich (UCLA), L. Rizzi (Univ. of Padua), and I. Saviane (ESO Chile). The science team involved with the asteroid is: S. Marchi, Y. Momany, and L. Bedin (Univ. of Padua).
Instrument: ACS/WFC
Exposure Date(s): August 18, 2003
Filters: F435W (B), F606W (V), F814W (I)
About the Image
Image Credit: NASA, ESA, and Y. Momany (University of Padua)
Release Date: November 11, 2004
Orientation: Reddish Arcs Mark Trail of Small Asteroid