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January 10, 2005 02:00 PM (EST)

News Release Number: STScI-2005-03

Hubble's Infrared Eyes Home in on Suspected Extrasolar Planet

Technical facts about this news release:

About the Object
Object Name: 2M1207, 2MASSWJ 1207334-393254
Object Description: Brown Dwarf with Companion
Position (J2000): R.A. 12h 07m 33s.47
Dec. -39° 32' 54".00
Constellation: Hydra
Distance: 225 light-years away (70 parsecs)
Dimensions: This image is 2.5 arcseconds wide.
About the Data
Data Description: The Hubble image was created from HST data from proposal 10176. The science team is composed of: NASA, ESA, G. Schneider (Steward Observatory, Univ. of Arizona), I. Song (Gemini Observ.), B. Zuckerman, E. Becklin (Univ. of California, Los Angeles), P. Lowrance (California Inst. of Technology), B. Macintosh (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), M. Bessell (Australian National Univ.), and C. Dumas and G. Chauvin (European Southern Observ.).
Instrument: NICMOS
Exposure Date(s): August 2004
Filters: F090M (0.80-1.00 microns), F110M (1.00-1.20 microns), F160W (1.40-1.80 microns)
About the Image
Image Credit: NASA, ESA, and G. Schneider (University of Arizona)
Release Date: January 10, 2005
Orientation: Hubble Infrared View of Extrasolar Planet Candidate