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November 7, 2013 11:00 AM (EST)

News Release Number: STScI-2013-52

NASA's Hubble Sees Asteroid Spout Six Comet-like Tails


Image: P/2013 P5 on September 10, 2013

P/2013 P5 on September 10, 2013

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Object Name: P/2013 P5

Image Type: Astronomical

Credit: NASA, ESA, and D. Jewitt (University of California, Los Angeles), J. Agarwal (Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research), H. Weaver (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory), M. Mutchler (STScI), and S. Larson (University of Arizona)


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Montage Image: Active Asteroid P/2013 P5 Image Type: Astronomical/Annotated Active Asteroid P/2013 P5PRC2013-52a P/2013 P5 on September 23, 2013 Image Type: Astronomical P/2013 P5 on September 23, 2013

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