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June 1, 2004 11:00 AM (EDT)

News Release Number: STScI-2004-19

Spitzer Leads NASA's Great Observatories to Uncover Black Holes, Other Hidden Objects in the Distant Universe

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About the Object
Object Name: GOODS Deep Field - S Chandra Deep Field - S Spitzer Observations
Object Description: Optical survey X-Ray survey Infrared observations
Position (J2000): R.A. 03h 32m 30s
Dec. -27° 48' 20"
R.A. 03 h 32 m 28 s .2
Dec. -27 48' 36"
R.A. 03 h 32 m 30s
Dec. -27 48' 20"
Constellation: Fornax Fornax Fornax
About the Data
Mission: Hubble Space Telescope Chandra X-Ray Observatory Spitzer Space Telescope
Instrument/Bandpass: ACS/WFC: F435W (B), F606W (V), F775W (i), F850LP (z) ACIS:0.5-2keV, 2-4keV, 4-8keV IRAC: 3.6, 4.5, 5.8 and 8 microns
Exposure Date(s): July 2002 - Feb 2003 Oct, Nov 1999;
May, Jun, Dec 2000
February 2004
Exposure Time: 5 days 1 Ms 5 days
About the Image
Image Credit: NASA, ESA, The GOODS Team and M. Giavalisco (STScI) NASA/JHU/AUI/ R.Giacconi et al. NASA, ESA, A. M. Koekemoer (STScI), M. Dickinson (NOAO) and The GOODS Team