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January 11, 2006 10:00 AM (EST)

News Release Number: STScI-2006-01

Hubble Panoramic View of Orion Nebula Reveals Thousands of Stars

Technical facts about this news release:

About the Object
Object Name: Orion Nebula (M42, NGC 1976)
Object Description: Emission Nebula
Position (J2000): R.A. 05h 35m 17s
Dec. -05° 23' 28"
Constellation: Orion
Distance: The distance to the Orion Nebula is 1,500 light-years (460 parsecs).
Dimensions: The image is 30 arcminutes (13 light-years or 4.0 parsecs) square.
About the Data
Data Description:

The Hubble image was created from HST data from proposal 10246: M. Robberto (STScI/ESA), C.R. O'Dell (Vanderbilt University), L.A. Hillenbrand (Caltech), M. Simon (SUNY Stony Brook), P. McCullough (STScI), J. Krist (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), F. Palla (Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri), M. Romaniello (ESO Germany), J. Najita (NOAO/AURA), E.D. Feigelson (The Pennsylvania State University), R. Makidon (STScI), J. Stauffer (Jet Propulsion Laboratory); N. Panagia, I.N. Reid, D.R. Soderblom, and E. Bergeron (STScI); and K.G. Stassun (Vanderbilt University).

The Hubble data was superimposed onto a ground-based image taken from the 2.2 meter telescope at the European Southern Observatory La Silla.

Instrument: ACS ESO MPI 2.2m La Silla WFI
Exposure Date(s): October 2004 - April 2005 December 11, 2001
Filters: F435W (B)
F555W (V)
F658N (Ha)
F775W (i)
ESO842 (B)
ESO856 (Ha)
ESO857 ([S II])
ESO859 ([O III])
About the Image
Image Credit: NASA, ESA, M. Robberto (Space Telescope Science Institute/ESA), and the Hubble Space Telescope Orion Treasury Project Team
Release Date: January 11, 2006
Color: This image is a composite mosaic of many separate expposures made by the ACS instrument on the Hubble Space Telescope and the ESO La Silla 2.2 meter telescope using several different filters isolating the light of specific elements or of specific broad wavelength ranges. The color arises by assigning different hues (colors), to each monochromatic image. In this case, the colors are:
F658N Ha red/orange
F850LP z red
F775W i red
F555W V green
F435W B blue
ESO MPI 2.2m La Silla WFI Dec. 11, 2001:
NB#Halpha/7_ESO856 Ha red
NB#SIIr/8_ESO857 [S II] red
NB#OIII/8_ESO859 [O III] green
BB#B/99_ESO842 B blue
Compass/Scale: Hubble's Sharpest View of the Orion Nebula