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  • 12/4/2007 How White Dwarfs Get Their 'Kicks' STScI-2007-42 4. How White Dwarfs Get Their 'Kicks' NASA's Hubble Space Telescope is providing strong evidence that white dwarfs, the burned-out relics of stars, are given a "kick" when they form. The sharp vision of Hubble's Advanced... (More)




  • 8/7/2003 Too Close for Comfort STScI-2003-21 7. Too Close for Comfort This Hubble Space Telescope view of the core of one of the nearest globular star clusters, called NGC 6397, resembles a treasure chest of glittering jewels. The cluster is located 8,200 light-years... (More)
  • 7/10/2003 Oldest Known Planet Identified STScI-2003-19 8. Oldest Known Planet Identified NASA's Hubble Space Telescope precisely measured the mass of the oldest known planet in our Milky Way galaxy. At an estimated age of 13 billion years, the... (More)




  • 6/24/1992 Merger of Two White Dwarf Stars STScI-1992-18 11. Merger of Two White Dwarf Stars This artist's illustration shows three steps in the merger of a pair of white dwarf stars. The illustration depicts how planets may form around massive... (More)
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