Inbox Astronomy Help

  1. 1.Will I be getting any solicitations?

    No! We will not distribute your email address. You will only receive official announcements from HubbleSite and STScI.

  2. 2.I'm signed up for Inbox Astronomy. Why don't I see any pictures?

    There are two possibilities. First, make sure you signed up for Inbox Astronomy, and not Inbox Astronomy: News Alert, which provides text without pictures. (Check the subject heading of the e-mails you receive, which will be titled "INBOX ASTRONOMY: NEWS ALERT" if you signed up for the text-only list.) Second, you may be using an e-mail program that doesn't understand how to read HTML files. You can either upgrade to an e-mail client that properly handles HTML, or sign up for News Alert to receive picture-free text.

  3. 3.I'm already signed up for the previous "public" e-mail list, will I still receive it?

    The text-only or "public" e-mail list is now called Inbox Astronomy: News Alert. If you were already subscribed to that list, you will continue to receive press releases of all our news until you tell us otherwise by unsubscribing.

  4. 4.Why am I receiving two different messages with the same news item?

    You are most likely signed up for more than one mailing list. Both of our lists send notifications about the latest news releases, so if you are signed up for both you will receive these notices twice. You may also be signed up using two different e-mail addresses. Follow the unsubscribe instructions for the list you would like to stop receiving.

  5. 5. I've signed up for Inbox Astronomy, but I haven't received a confirmation message. What should I do?

    Please contact for the Inbox Astronomy list or for Inbox Astronomy: News Alert.

  6. 6. I was receiving Inbox Astronomy e-mail, but I haven't received any in a few months. What should I do?

    Inbox Astronomy e-mail is sent from either of the following e-mail addresses:


    If you subscribe to either Inbox Astronomy or Inbox Astronomy: News Alert, please make sure that your e-mail service is configured to accept e-mail from both of these addresses.

    If you still do not receive Inbox Astronomy e-mail, please contact your e-mail provider for help. E-mail providers often block e-mail that they believe is "spam." We have no control over restrictions your provider places on the delivery of our messages. Your provider should be able to explain how they do this and how you can receive e-mail from the above addresses.

  7. 7.How often will I receive messages if I sign up to either list?

    On both lists, you will receive a message each time news is released – usually fewer than 50 times per year. Inbox Astronomy also sends infrequent notices of Web site updates and other information of importance, no more than a few times a month.

  8. 8.How much does a subscription cost?

    Both of the lists are free.

  9. 9.How do I unsubscribe from Inbox Astronomy? maintains two separate e-mail lists. To unsubscribe from our e-mail list, you must know which list you originally signed up for. They have similar names – "Inbox Astronomy" and "Inbox Astronomy: News Alert," but it is easy to tell them apart. "Inbox Astronomy" e-mail contains pictures. "Inbox Astronomy: News Alert" e-mail contains only plain text.

    Unsubscribe from Inbox Astronomy: Full Version (with pictures and links)

    Unsubscribe from Inbox Astronomy: News Alert (text-only)