Where can I get posters, prints, slides or transparencies of Hubble images?

Electronic versions of our press release images are available free of charge via our Web sites. These images may be used in accordance with the restrictions outlined in our copyright notice, which can be reviewed at http://hubblesite.org/copyright/.

Hubblesite's Gallery section offers a feature called "Astronomy Printshop," which provides images and instructions on how to easily print them out at a photo store, photo kiosk, or online photolab. You can also use your home printer.

Many vendors offer Hubble images and related products for sale. Hubble images and products are widely available wherever you can find space-related products, such as your local science center or planetarium. We do not directly sell Hubble images or products, and we are restricted from recommending or listing vendors that do.

Many of the images taken by Hubble are never formally released to the public and are typically only of interest to the scientific community. Full access to these data, which can be processed into viewable images, is available online via the Hubble Data Archive at http://archive.stsci.edu. The archive's mission is to serve the scientific community. It may not be useful to or easily operated by the general user.


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