Are Hubble images copyrighted?

Hubble images and materials created, authored, and/or prepared by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy and the Space Telescope Science Institute (AURA/STScI) are copyrighted in content, presentation, and intellectual, creative origin. This includes images hosted on our Web servers.

Detailed information about AURA/STScI copyright can be found at our Web site:

Individuals wanting to download Hubble images for personal use (computer screen wallpaper, printing, use in a personal Web page) may do so without further permission from AURA/STScI.

Below is an excerpt from the STScI copyright page that covers most other uses.

Organizations or individuals seeking permission to reproduce products or technologies (referred to as "materials" herein) should contact STScI directly, while taking into account the following guidelines.

Non-commercial use: For all its copyrighted materials, STScI allows reproduction, authorship of derivative works, and other transformations of the original work strictly for educational and research purposes without further permission, and subject to the General Conditions stated above. For other non-commercial uses, permission should be obtained from AURA/STScI.
Commercial use: For copyrighted materials (images, text, multimedia products, graphical material, animation and digital video), permission should be obtained from the copyright owner, AURA/STScI, prior to use. STScI will work with vendors on a case by case basis, subject to STScI's "License and/or Rights for Use of STScI Products and Technologies", to establish appropriate permissions for use, which in some cases may involve a royalty agreement. If a recognizable person appears in an image, use for commercial purposes may infringe a right of privacy or publicity and permission should be obtained from the recognizable person.

HubbleSite and STScI are not responsible for content found outside of and

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