Hand-Held Hubble: Photo Album Submission


PDF submission form

Submission Form PDF - 60 kB

To have your picture included in the Hand-Held Hubble Photo Album you must print and fill out our submission form. Every person in the photograph (or their parent or guardian) must read the form carefully and sign where appropriate. If you need to use more than one page, staple them together.

Mail your submission form and a copy of any printed photos to:

OPO — Hand-Held Hubble
Space Telescope Science Institute
3700 San Martin Dr.
Baltimore, MD 21218

We cannot return photos, so have a copy made before you send it in.

If you’d rather send a digital photo, include your e-mail address in the form and you’ll receive an e-mail with instructions.

Pictures may only be sent in by an adult (18+ years of age) and the form must have the signature of any adults and the signature of the parent or guardian of any children in the picture. For safety reasons, children’s last names and precise locations will be withheld on the Web site. Only first names and general locations will identify minors. See the Photo Album for examples.

By sending your photo into HubbleSite you are giving permission to have your photo published on the Web. By signing the form you assert that you have legal authority to grant this permission. We will not use any photos without the proper signatures on the form. Unauthorized reproductions of copyrighted material will not be accepted. Not all photos received may be featured on the Web site. Images may be cropped and/or adjusted for best presentation.