IC 63 Ghost Nebula Optical to Infrared Animation

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Duration: 12 seconds

Hubble has photographed the "Ghost Nebula," which has eerie, semitransparent flowing veils of gas and dust. The nebula is being blasted by a torrent of radiation from a nearby, blue-giant star. This animation flips between two views from Hubble. The more colorful image is taken in visible light where the glow of hydrogen gas looks pinkish. By contrast, the green-grayish view is in near-infrared light (IR) which only records light reflected off of dust. The nebula becomes more transparent and ethereal when looking at it in the IR, allowing for background stars to become more visible.

GIF, HD Video, Nebulas, Scientific Visualizations


NASA, ESA, and J. DePasquale (STScI)

Publication: October 25, 2018

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