"Zoom" into the Hubble Deep Field from a Wide View of the Sky

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Duration: 14 seconds

The Hubble Deep Field South penetrates deep into a very small patch of the sky near the southern constellation Tucana. The ZOOM represents the Hubble looking at the distant universe to uncover thousands of never-before-seen galaxies.

Deep Fields, Hubble Deep Field, Scientific Visualizations, Survey


Ed Weibe and Zolt Levay, (STScI);
1. Photo, Akira Fujii, courtesy Sky and Telescope Magazine
2. Digitized Sky Survey, STScI, Anglo-Australian Telescope Board
3. J. Gardner, (NOAO), Cerro-Tololo Interamerican Observatory
4. HST/WFPC 2, R. Williams, The HDF-South Team and NASA

Publication: November 23, 1998

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