M82 Great Observatories – Chandra/Spitzer/Hubble (Annotated)

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Duration: 20 seconds

M82 is shown in all its wavelength glory and annotated to mention each observatory. Dissolving from Chandra X-ray Observatory images of three X-ray energy bands to images in three bands of the infrared spectrum taken by the Spitzer Space Telescope, and ending with the Hubble Space Telescope's visible- and near-infrared- light image. The three observatories' images were composited to reveal the galaxy's stars, as well as gas and dust features.

Active Galaxies/Quasars, Galaxies, Irregular Galaxies, Multiwavelength, Scientific Visualizations, SD Video


NASA, ESA, and G. Bacon (STScI)

Publication: April 24, 2006

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