Zoom into NGC 248

About this video
Duration: 30 seconds

This video begins with a ground-based view of the night sky as seen from the Earth's southern hemisphere. The Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC) appears on the left and Large Magellanic Cloud on the right. The video then zooms into the SMC, where the mosaic of the Small Magellanic Cloud Investigation of Dust and Gas Evolution (SMIDGE) field appears. Finally, the zoom into the SMIDGE field ends on NGC 248.

Emission Nebulas, HD Video, Nebulas, Scientific Visualizations


NASA, ESA, A. Fuji/Digitized Sky Survey/D. Malin, K. Sandstrom (University of California, San Diego) and the SMIDGE team, and G. Bacon and Z. Levay (STScI)

Publication: December 20, 2016

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